Glenn Memorial UMC
Friday, February 27, 2015
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

Volunteer @ Glenn

Volunteering on Good Neighbor Day
We invite volunteers of all ages to “get plugged in” through mission and ministry with hands-on projects, leadership opportunities, and other ways of sharing your gifts of time and service.  The Body of Christ – the church – is made of many people with many gifts, so THANK YOU for sharing yours! 

Check the areas below that interest you and one of our Ministry Team leaders will be in touch with the volunteer opportunities.
Hospitality: Easter Egg Hunt (More Info)
Glenn Camping (More Info)
Valentine's Dinner Dance (More Info)
Special Events
Welcoming New Members & Visitors
Men's & Women's Retreats
Holy Grounds Cafe (More Info)
Wednesday Night Supper (More Info)
Education: Small Groups (More Info)
Sunday School (More Info)
Bible Studies (More Info)
Older Adult Ministries (More Info)
Summer Supper Groups
Young Adult Ministries (More Info)
College Ministries / Emory Wesley Fellowship (More Info)
Youth Ministries: Youth Adult Counselor
Chaperone for Youth Events
Sunday Night Meals
Youth Play/Drama (More Info)
Youth Basketball League (More Info)
Youth-Parent Committee
Children's Ministries: Sunday School (More Info)
Friday Night Skate (More Info)
SPARK (4th-5th Grade) (More Info)
Vacation Bible School (More Info)
Basketball League (More Info)
Playgroups (More Info)
Seasonal Events
Children's Education Committee
Worship: Altar Guild
Needlepoint Guild (More Info)
Lay Scripture Readers
Music Committee
Worship Committee
Choirs (children, youth & adults) (More Info)
Church & Society (ongoing local community service opportunities) (More Info)
Environmental Committee (More Info)
Missions Committee (More Info)
Honduras Outreach (More Info)
East Belfast Methodist Mission (More Info)
Glenn Good Neighbor Day (Day of service event) (More Info)
Habitat for Humanity (More Info)
Food Pantry (More Info)
Women's Community Kitchen (More Info)
Clothing Drives
Care Team: Homebound Visitation (More Info)
Journey Men's Shelter (More Info)
Trinity House (More Info)
Trinity Table Soup Kitchen (More Info)
Branan Towers Men's Soup and Shop (More Info)
Snack in a Backpack (More Info)
I don't see it in the lists above, but what I really want to do is: