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Wednesday, March 04, 2015
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Welcome to the Glenn School
for Young Children

Glenn School Logo

Glenn School Logo



Glenn School for Young Children is a ministry of the Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church.  It is Christian in origin and accepting of all.  At Glenn School, we believe children learn best through play.  Our goal is to meet each child wherever they are developmentally, nurture the child and their family through the preschool years, and lay a foundation for a confident, responsible and caring adult.


At the Glenn School for Young Children, we believe a child’s self-confidence builds social competence. Guided by this belief, our approach to learning embraces the whole child and encourages each one’s developing sense of self and growing social skills.  At all age levels, we are intentional about engaging, supporting, and challenging each child as they learn about themselves and the exciting world of friends and ideas around them.
We also believe that the young child learns best through play and we incorporate this philosophy into our curriculum, emphasizing developmentally appropriate practices for ages 6 months to 6 years to address the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth of each child. Our goal is to foster an environment of mutual respect, cooperation, and responsibility which encourages children to have fun learning and relating to others and prepares them to be confident and competent in their larger world.


Glenn School for Young Children was started as a kindergarten only in 1950.  Over the years additional classes were added and eventually combined with a Mother's Morning Out program for younger children to become the Glenn School of today.  Glenn School is a ministry of the Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church.  It is administered by the Glenn School Board which is responsible to the Church Council. 
It is our ongoing belief that a good school makes a difference in the life of the family.  Glenn School strives to establish a partnership with all its parents and encourages community support for each family.  The Glenn School Parent Council coordinates the many committees that organize the various fund raisers and enrichment programs for the school.  We offer ample opportunities for parent involvement including serving on these committees, volunteering in the classes, and parent groups.  Each family supports the school by participating in the spring and fall children’s used clothing sales.  This very successful fundraiser maintains the school’s Enrichment Fund which provides scholarships, furnishings for the classrooms, playground, and enrichment programs for children and adults.