Glenn Memorial UMC
Sunday, March 01, 2015
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

Frequently Asked Questions

Two women make their way around the Glenn campus
Singing the Hallelujah Chorus at Easter

There’s a first time for everything – and questions are a normal and natural part of any new experience. We created this section of our website to answer some questions you might have and to help you feel more comfortable about your first trip to Glenn.

Do I have to be a member to participate in worship?

Our services are open to everyone. While we always welcome new members, a number of the folks you’ll see at worship have never officially “joined” the church.  But all of God’s children are welcome to participate in our ministries and programs, receive the sacraments of baptism and Holy Communion, and become members of the congregation.

When should I arrive on a Sunday?

Folks coming to the 8:30am service usually arrive around 8:20, they start arriving around 10:50am for the second service at 11:00am, and 4:55 for the 5:05 service. As long as you are in the building when the service begins, you’ll be fine. And if you arrive a few minutes late, no one will point a finger at you. We promise!

Where do I park?

There’s ample free parking just a minute or two from the church every Sunday. Visit our Map and Directions page for details about where to park.

What should I wear? 

For the first two services of the day, you’ll see people wearing their “Sunday best” or “business casual” clothes to worship, but there’s no dress code. You’ll also see people in khakis, jeans, and golf shirts. The 5:05 service is a “come as you are” service. If you’re wearing it at the time service starts, it’s suitable.

Is there handicap access to the church facilities?

Yes, there is. Visit our Accessibility page for a map and details about handicap access. Ushers are available at every entrance to the sanctuary to assist you.

What about my kids? 

Children are wanted and welcomed in worship at Glenn. Children’s bulletins are available at both services, and a special "Time For Children" is a part of every 11 o’clock service.  Childcare is available for infants through Kindergarteners in the Church School Building during worship services.   If your infant or small child needs care during the service, you may leave and return as you wish and feel free to ask an usher for assistance.  Our Child Protection Policy includes the screening of all staff and volunteers, as well as sign in/sign out procedures and Emergency Contact forms on file.

How long are the services?

The first service usually lasts about 50 minutes. The second service usually ends at noon or a few minutes after.

What do United Methodists believe?

Visit our What We Believe page to view the short answer. If you want to know more, any of our pastors will be more than happy to talk with you. Feel free to contact them through the church office at 404-634-3936.

What if I’ve never been to church before?

Don’t let that keep you away. There was a first Sunday for all of us!  An usher will give you a program that tells you what happens next, when to stand, when to sit, and what pages to turn to in the Bible and the hymnal. Join in on the parts of the service you feel comfortable with, or just sit, watch and listen if you prefer.

What if I still have more questions?

That’s part of what we’re here for. Contact the church office at 404-634-3936. We’ll be happy to arrange a phone conversation with one of the pastors. Or perhaps you’d like to meet for breakfast, during a coffee break, or at lunch somewhere. If you’d prefer, you can go to our staff directory and email your question to the pastor of your choosing. We’re here to be helpful in any way we can!