Glenn Memorial UMC
Thursday, March 05, 2015
Loving God, Loving Neighbor

The Gathering @ 5:05

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What: Glenn welcomes people of all ages and at all points in their journey of faith to gather together in the name of Jesus Christ. The Gathering @ 5:05 is another time for the Glenn family to worship God each Sunday; an informal service that celebrates the creative gifts and diverse talents and passions of the entire community. Services are planned and led by a team of lay people working and ministering together with the Glenn Memorial pastoral and music staff. Through fellowship, singing, prayer, and Holy Communion, The Gathering @ 5:05 is Spirit-filled way to share in the love and grace of God and worship together as the body of Christ.

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When, Where, and Wear: The Gathering @ 5:05 meets in the Judson C. Ward Fellowship Hall on Sundays at 5:05pm. Coming from home, work, or the lake? We invite you to dress comfortably!

Join a Worship Team for The Gathering @ 5:05

The apostle Paul’s vision for worship in 1 Corinthians was for the people to gather together and for all to be involved as participants, and even as leaders. He went on to share how every one of us has a gift or talent that can be brought to the church and shared as an act of worship.

Have you wondered how your gifts and talents might be offered in a worship setting? Have you ever wanted help plan and lead a worship service? The Gathering invites you to join a worship team of 8-10 lay members to help create and develop the gatherings of worship for three months. Planning for The Gathering service includes thinking through the creation of a sacred space, moments of art and dance, presentation of the written word, the ways we welcome others, as well as selecting and playing music. Everyone who feels called to participate will be welcomed.

If you would like more information about The Gathering or would like to join a worship team, please contact Rev. Josh Amerson at or by calling the church office at 404-634-3936.