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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Christmas Catalog

Interested in Shopping Around the World This Christmas?

All ages are invited to shop for "gifts" through Glenn's Annual Christmas Gift Catalog -- each donation is three gifts in one: a gift to a friend or family member, a gift to a person in need, and a gift to Jesus. Any amount of gift is welcomed, dollars all add up to real help for a person in need. For more than two decades, Glenn has continued this special Christmas tradition. The catalog provides opportunities for people to give a gift from the heart, where the thought really does count. Gifts can honor a teacher, relative, family member or neighbor, and are given to the missions-related project or agency of the giver’s choosing.
Each year we select eight to ten local and global projects and agencies for the catalog. To give from the heart, you select the project(s) you would like to support. Enter the amount you want to allocate to each project on the form and write a check for the total to Glenn Memorial. Or make your donation online. You’ll be given a gift card to send to whomever you choose to honor.
Click here to view the form and make your project selections!

2013 Christmas Catalog

Local Giving

Contact: Diane Bryant at

The Bethlehem Center provides day programming services to low income seniors in South Atlanta five days a week in a safe, hospitable environment.  Seniors benefit from a hot meal, fellowship, wellness programs and activities.  Your gift of $25 will provide social activities for a senior for one month.
Update: The Wesley Community Center (the organization that runs The Bethlehem Center) has closed as of the end of January. All Christmas Catalog donations given to The Bethlehem Center will be given to Branan Towers because of their similar focus on senior citizens. We thank you for your gifts and we'll keep you posted on future developments.

Intown Food Pantry provides emergency food to our neighbors in 30306 and 30307.  In the past 10 months, 3,931 people have received emergency food supplies.  Provide one week of emergency food (14 lbs.) to an individual for $32, or to a family of 4 (42 lbs.) for $90.

Every Friday, Snack in a Backpack delivers healthy snack foods to 192 children of Hope Hill Elementary, Mary Lin Elementary and the Global Village Project who are living at or below the poverty level.  This enables them to have food over the weekend and to return to school ready to learn. Send snacks to one child for a week for $16 or a month for $64.

Trinity Table serves a hot meal to 300 people each Sunday, working with Atlanta churches to feed the homeless. Many are physically or mentally disabled, many are veterans.  This meal helps them survive another day in our streets.  Give a hot meal and a sack lunch to one person for $4.
Georgia Interfaith Power & Light: GIPL shows congregations how to care for creation through worship, education and the stewardship of our natural resources. Glenn received a grant to defray the cost for foam insulation in the attic in the Church School Building. Glenn’s annual energy savings could be more than $3,000. Your donation would help support the work of GIPL in Georgia.
Trees Atlanta is dedicated to protecting Atlanta’s urban forest through planting, conservation, and education. This organization is widely known for its efforts to address Atlanta’s tree loss, protect its forests, and create new green spaces. Your donation would help support educational programs, services and needed materials.

Global Giving

Contact: Jane Thorpe at

Honduras Scholarship Program: Help send a child to school in the Agalta Valley, through the scholarship program at Honduras Outreach. The median family income is less than $400 a year, and there’s no electricity or running water.  Education can transform the lives of children, youth and the community. Pay tuition and books for a child for one year for $300.

Zimbabwe Children’s Education Project:  Continue Glenn’s 9-year-long school project in Zimbabwe. Your gift of $75 will pay for one child’s tuition for a full year at Munyarari Primary School near Mutare, $60 will buy a child’s school uniform, and $27 will buy a set of shoes.

Cambodia Scholarships for Girls: Help a girl attend elementary school, high school or college for a year. Tuition and expenses range from $300-$600. Glenn has raised $30,000 to build a dormitory for 12 young women attending college near Siem Reap, Cambodia. $5000 more is needed in furnishings: towels ($10), chairs ($150), refrigerator ($200).