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Thursday, March 05, 2015
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Altar Guild

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is a group of volunteers who coordinate and assist with the scared elements, special  events and regular worship of the Church.  Altar Guild members divide their activities among 11 committees that include Acolytes, Brass, Chrismon Tree and Advent Activities, Communion, Funerals, Flowers, Sanctuary and Paraments, Little Chapel, Needlepoint Projects, Telephone (Member Contact) and Weddings.  Guild members often work “behind- the-scenes” to prepare elements of worship and to assist the ministers with various activities needed for services.
The tasks performed by the Altar Guild might require monthly activities or once-a-year tasks.  Examples of these include scheduling acolytes for Sunday services, polishing brass and refilling candle oil, arranging the altars and communion tables with appropriate cloths, vessels, elements and symbols of the season, providing comfort for families and coordinating activities during funerals, taking orders and making flower arrangements, stitching needlepoint projects, contacting members and directing and coordinating wedding  events.  Altar Guild activities are also coordinated around the liturgical seasons where members participate in once-a- year tasks such as installing Advent or Easter decorations. 
Meetings are held three times during the year. Committee chairs also meet monthly, with the exception of June and July.
For information regarding the Altar Guild, please contact Edie Twomey at 404-636-9582 or or Susan Peterson at 404-377-8001 or A booklet with Altar Guild membership, activities and telephone contacts is available at the church office.